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Frequently Asked Questions

At Moblat apartments we are always trying to improve our services to make your stay more confortable. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions. Please let us know, if there are any questions we should add to the list below:

Cancellation Policy for Moblat Apartments

  • All notification of cancellations and/or modifications must be in writing via email to us. Guests are responsible for ensuring the notification has been received. When notification is received more than 30 days prior to your arrival, all payments received from the client are refunded except 10% of total rental fees. When notification is received 30 days or less prior to your Check In date, the full cost of the reservation is forfeit. We strongly recommend that all clients to obtain appropriate travel and personal insurance to cover these charges in the event of a cancellation or any change of plans..
  • No refunds will be issued for late check-in or early check-out.
  • Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check in.
  • Is there a front desk?

No, there is not a front desk. This is a self-catered apartment

  • How do I check In?

The check In instructions will be provided to you once your reservation is confirmed and your payment has been received. The instructions will be sent to you via email

  • Are there any extra fees?

Yes, there is a one-time departure cleaning fee. This fee is non-refundable and can’t be waived. The total fee is between $ 75.00 to $ 125.00. it depends on the location you are staying. This fee only applies to US locations.

  • Are there multiple locations?

Yes, we have multiple locations in New York, Miami and Medellin

  • What is the Check In time?

Check In is after 3:00 pm local time

  • Can I schedule an early Check In?

If you need to check in before 3:00 pm, please contact us 24 hours prior to your arrival and we will try to accommodate for your needs. It is very difficult for us to allow an early Check In, if we have guests checking out on the same day.

  • What is my Check out time?

Check Out is before 11:00 am local time

  • Can I schedule a late Check Out?

If you need to stay a little bit longer, please contact us ahead of time and we will try to assist you with your Check Out needs. It all depends, if we have any other guests arriving the day you are checking out at the same location.

  • Do you provide linens and towels?

Upon your arrival, you will find fresh towels and linens in your apartment

  • Would you replace the linens and towels during my stay?

No, we do not provide daily cleaning service unless is requested by you. We provide a fresh set of linens and towels for your stay. We can provide the service for a fee that will average between $75.00 and  $125.00. Also, we can provide you with the information for laundry service in the area.

  • Do you have cable TV?

Yes, we do have cable TV in our locations.

  • Are there any grocery stores in the area?

Yes, we have plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, laundry places in the area etc. You will receive a link with a map that has a bunch of local recommendations

  • Is there parking available?

Moblat NY:

No, we do not have any parking spaces designated to us. But, you should be able to find a parking space within 1 or 2 blocks away from the property. Please be observant of the city regulations during the day.

On-Street Parking: has a map of the parking regulations, and up to date information on current parking regulations.
Be very careful to follow the NYC Department of Transportation posted regulations and meter instructions. As long as you follow these rules you would be OK and you usually would find parking within one or two blocks from the apartment.

Moblat MIA

Yes, we offers a free parking space per unit

  • Where do I leave the keys on my check out day?

Please leave the keys in the security lock box where you got the keys when you Check In. It is very important that after you place the keys in the security lock box that you rotate the code in the box.

  • What happens if I loose my keys?

We will have to contact a 3rd party company to make new keys for us and you will be charge for the service.

  • Is smoking allowed in your apartments?

No, smoking is prohibited and we do not allow smoking in any of our properties. Any violators of the smoking policy will be charge $ 150.00 for professional cleaning services.

  • Are minors allowed to stay in your apartments?

Only if they accompanied by an adult. All minors must in company of an adult during their stay.

  • Do you provide food service?

No, we do not provide food service. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and there are multiple grocery stores and mini markets in your area. Also, we have many restaurants in the area with free delivery service




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